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Weißbriach is located in the natural Gitschtal, surrounded by hills and mountains.

Relax and immerse yourself in the high quality of natural life. Come to us and explore Weißbriach and its surroundings, the numerous lakes, mountains, forests and its hospitable people.

All this in a child-friendly holiday resort that offers attractions in every season that can be reached on foot or in a few minutes by bike or car. In winter, a beautiful ski area enchants and in summer, the outdoor adventure pool offers welcome relaxation.

Good restaurants, a bakery and a supermarket are also part of Weißbriach’s infrastructure.

The Weißensee

There are countless summer activities on and around the lake. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, swimming or a boat trip, you’ll never be bored here.

In winter, the area is ideal for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and ice skating.

The “Alternative Dutch 11-City Tour” also takes place on Lake Weissensee.


The ski area is located on the southern side of the Austrian Alps and ensures that the sun accompanies you all day long on clear skies.

110 kilometers of slopes are waiting to be explored by you.

In summer, the Nassfeld is a beautiful area for hiking and cycling. Many climbing and adventure activities for children and adults (aqua trail, mountain bike trail, etc.) are available.

Grado (Italy)

This popular seaside town is located in the northeast of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Grado is part of a picturesque peninsula overlooking the Adriatic Sea.


Carinthia is a paradise for motorcyclists thanks to its natural variety of tours: longer day trips, winding mountain routes, panoramic routes with breathtaking views, beautiful lake tours – Carinthia simply has everything that a motorcyclist’s heart desires.


Discover the 5 km family ski slope in our village Weißbriach. Ideal for newcomers and active athletes

On Nassfeld, 110 kilometers of slopes are waiting to be discovered by you. It is the ideal combination of child-friendly slopes, sporty descents and incomparable panoramas.

Ice skating

Carinthia is the land of lakes. These lakes not only invite you to swim in summer, but also offer a fantastic ice rink with endless width and beauty in winter. Glide over one of the many frozen lakes and let your soul dangle.

Snowshoe hiking

Carinthia is not only a hiking paradise in summer, but also in winter. No matter how deep the snow is, grab your snowshoes, cross the snowy landscape and look forward to a very special hiking experience.

Cross-country skiing

There are several cross-country ski runs in the immediate vicinity and invite young and old to practice this sport, which is becoming increasingly popular. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape and train your body and mind with cross-country skiing.


The sport is guaranteed to be fun for everyone. With or without children, tobogganing is guaranteed to be fun on your winter holiday. A must for any family vacation.